Episode 118 : Eric Topol on “Deep Medicine” As A Warning

Featured Guest: Eric Topol

  • May 09, 2019

“All we are doing here is feeding the squeeze if we don’t turn this thing back”

Eric Topol is one of the great bell-weathers in medicine, his new book “Deep Medicine” looks to the future and he joins us to discuss. You will not hear the trumpets of how great artificial intelligence and machine learning are, in this conversation we sound the alarm for both physicians and patients & discuss the tension of whether new tech is margin vs patient-centered.

Key Learnings

1. Being a bell-weather

2. The value of feeding on one another’s interests, fears and hope to build common purpose and activism

3. Why “Deep Medicine” is a warning about a potentially destructive and dangerous future for medicine

4. Pushing back against discourse saying AI can and should shrink the physician workforce

5. The need for physicians to have a say in what and how gets shifted and changed by new technologies

6. Wherein we debate a rational first phase of deploying this new technology

7. The tension around margin-driven vs patient-driven technology and the need for physicians to be “relentless”

8. Wherein we get one another all fired up

9. Eric gives a nice summary of elements that are currently FDA approved and are moving forward

10. Why Deep Medicine is a powerful warning


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