Episode 142 : Rana Awdish On Darkness & Light

Featured Guest: Rana Awdish

  • Aug 08, 2019

“I’ve never regretted having agency. I’ve only been ashamed of the times when I didn’t value my own voice.”

Rana Awdish is an ICU physician, Medical Director of Care Experience for Henry Ford Health System, and the author of the stunning book “In Shock.” In this discussion we go into the darkness and make our way back towards the light while discussing her lived experience and this extraordinary book. Rana is tough, brilliant, and amazing to speak with, this is important stuff.

Key Learnings

1. The unrelenting nature of Rana’s journey

2. Walking into the Darkness around the culture of medicine

3. Seeing the book become something foundational in repairing our culture

4. Findings partners with a vision to make healthcare better and do it in a scalable way

5. Exploring the concept of “assuredness” and recognizing it is a learned skill

6. Why saying someone does or does not have a good bedside manner can be a lie

7. Fostering values instead of demonstrating a checklist approach to communication

8. Safe spaces to communicate with ourselves and our teammates

9. Recognizing the extent of injury to physicians and the acceptance of it as “normal”

10. The act of firing a physician

11. Why Rana didn’t share the book with anyone until after publication

12. Which book is the fictional equivalent of “In Shock”

13.  Parts of life that feel different now

14. Two amazing stories about letting your spouse edit your book and how illness illuminates a relationship

15. The role clinical medicine plays in her life & making the decision to go back to work


Twitter: @RanaAwdish

Rana’s website: https://www.ranaawdishmd.com

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