Episode 143 : Laurie Baedke On Growth Mindset

Featured Guest: Laurie Baedke

  • Aug 12, 2019

“I aspire to be the leader that I needed”

Laurie Baedke is Director of Healthcare Leadership Programs at Creighton University as well as an entrepreneur, leadership coach, author and speaker who has helped physicians, organizations and leaders of all stripes do one thing: get better. We tackle how she has dismantled stereotypes, what Growth Mindset means to her (Rose Lavelle’s World Cup goal is prominently featured) and the tension of administrator growth vs physician growth. An absolute treat to speak with her.

Key Learnings

1. Starting off a career in coaching and speaking

2. Getting past the stereotype that physicians resist outside input

3. Laurie’s expertise in building growth through seeking insight from her audience

4. The importance of the word “Growth” to Laurie

5. Rose Lavelle’s beautiful goal at Women’s World Cup as a representation of a Growth Mindset

6. Wherein we tackle The Graph and the growth of healthcare administrators juxtaposed against static numbers of physicians.

7. The importance of growing programs with more well-trained physicians, not simply leveraging more work on the existing workforce

8. Laurie’s upcoming heat-check (links are below)


Twitter @lauriebaedke

Website: https://www.lauriebaedke.com

Growth Edge Podcast: https://growthedge.libsyn.com

Rose Lavelle’s goal:  https://www.foxsports.com/soccer/video/1563791939863

The Graph: https://fee.org/articles/the-chart-that-could-undo-the-us-healthcare-system/

Brave Enough Conference: https://www.braveenoughconference.com

Women In Medicine Summit: https://www.womeninmedicinesummit.org

Career Advancement & Leadership Skills For Women In Medicine: https://womensleadership.hmscme.com

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