Episode 144 : Shikha Jain On Heat-Checks, Conferences, & Trolls

Featured Guest: Shikha Jain

  • Aug 15, 2019

Shikha Jain is an Oncologist at Rush University who is an expert at many things: research, public speaking and podcasting. Where she is truly ascendant is in creating spaces for collaboration and community in the form of the Women in Medicine Summit. We have a spirited discussion about Heat-Checks, making conferences forward-facing to the public, and internet trolls.

Key Learnings

1. The Shikha Jain Heat-Check

2. The continuum of collaboration from social media to conferences

3. Origins of Women In Medicine Summit

4. Including men in conversations and conferences around gender bias

5. Lost opportunities when conferences are only for a live audience

6. Bringing conference content to a wider audience

7. Pluses and minuses around making conference material available live on social media

8. Inviting people to use social media during a presentation & the impact it has

9. Being ready for negative feedback & pushing through Imposter Syndrome

10. Dealing with Internet Trolls and eyebrow insults


Twitter: @shikhajainMD

Shikha’s website: https://shikhajainmd.com

Women in Medicine Summit: https://www.womeninmedicinesummit.org

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