Episode 69 : Dave Berke On The Pillars Of Team Culture

Featured Guest: Dave Berke

  • Apr 26, 2018

Dave Berke is back and we continue our deep-dive into assessing and building team culture. In our 3rd conversation, we get into the importance of selflessness in driving culture, ensuring a team has a sense of purpose and creating shared experience to bring people together. Plus, another round of Quick Hitters!

Show Notes

  1. Generalizability of culture conversations to any type of team or organization
  2. The demands of tackling culture and avoiding “easy outs.”
  3. Importance of positive culture in a high pressure moment
  4. What is the fabric of good culture?
  5. Aligning priorities and linking the tactical to the strategic
  6. The dividing line between good and great culture
  7. The 3 Pillars: selflessness, sense of purpose, shared experience
  8. Recognizing circumstances are the same regardless of profession or industry
  9. The burden of getting it right
  10. Culture building as a process
  11. What’s next: converting ideas into practice
  12. Another round of Quick Hitters
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