Episode 81 : Nina Shapiro On Hype & Conversation In Healthcare

Featured Guest: Nina Shapiro

  • Nov 13, 2018

Dr. Nina Shapiro is a Professor of Surgery specializing in Pediatric Otolaryngology at UCLA. She is also a highly sought-after speaker on medical topics across the media spectrum. She joins us to discuss her new book “Hype” and how we discuss controversial topics with the public and with patients.

Key Learnings

1. Dealing with the question of “who are you to write a book about general health issues?”

2. The rocket fuel of hype in medicine and choosing the title of her book.

3. The value of rational conversations physicians can have with patients on topics their patients feel are important.

4. The missed opportunity of not explaining the science behind a medical recommendation.

5. Similar skills for communicating to a general audience and in the office with patients.

6. Avoiding a “me against them” dynamic and building one of shared decision-making.

7. What’s been the most popular topic for discussion on her book tour and are we training doctors to answer that question.

8. A surprising topic she was rarely asked about when meetings fans of her book.

9. Responding when doctors are told to “stay in your lane,” particularly around gun control advocacy.

10. Important takeaways and the road forward in dealing with the new world of medical information.

The article by The Jewish Nurse in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting referenced in this episode can be found here.

Dr. Shapiro also released an article in Forbes Magazine just after our interview, please read it here.

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