Episode 68 : Zack Shinar On Motivating Future Doctors

Featured Guest: Zack Shinar

  • Apr 11, 2018

Zack Shinar is an Emergency Medicine physician, an international expert on resuscitation and highly sought-after speaker who is launching a new conference called Emerge. This conference is designed to introduce high school students interested in medicine to some of the most amazing things that doctors get to do on a daily basis. We dive into the incredible opportunity this conference provides to help light a fire under the next generation of physicians.

Show Notes

  1. What is Emerge all about?
  2. Seizing the narrative around what it’s like to be doctor
  3. Anticipation about the conference and the clinical content
  4. Introducing the cerebral, tactile, and psychosocial aspects of being a doctor
  5. The close-knit nature of medicine and getting to enter this community
  6. The diversity of medicine and physicians
  7. The future for Emerge and #beadocinadecade
  8. Shaking off sense of malaise around being a doctor
  9. How Mark and Zack made the decision to become a doctor
  10. Establishing a marketplace of ideas
  11. Helping to access and launch the next generation of doctors

Tags: high school, conference, medicine, emergency medicine, ECMO, Badwater, ultramarathons, reanimate, mentorship, hands-on, diversity, medical school, residency, cardiothoracic surgery, #beadocinadecade, stories, storytelling

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