Episode 83 : Taylor Brana On The Happy Doc

Featured Guest: Taylor Brana

  • Nov 20, 2018

Dr. Taylor Brana is a Psychiatry resident and the host of The Happy Doc podcast. He joins us to discuss bringing fresh eyes to key challenges facing physicians, some key drivers of happiness & fulfillment, and creating his fantastic new project.

Key Learnings

1. The origins of The Happy Doc and asking the question “are there happy doctors?”

2. Focusing on both rebuilding and maintaining physicians at all stages of their careers, especially early on

3. What is consistent among medical students, residents, and attendings who are still happy in medicine

5. How the evolution of confidence, especially at career transition points, can build or erode happiness

6. Moving from an awareness phase to a solution phase

7. The importance of rebuilding culture through teams in medicine

8. The Happy Doc and emphasizing happiness, regardless of your profession

9. The Voice Project and expanding ways we can learn

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