Episode 262 : Angela Weyand & Tatiana Prowell On #HCWvsHunger

Featured Guest: Angela Weyand & Tatiana Prowell

  • Dec 13, 2021

“We just needed a way for people to feel part of something again”

Dr. Angela Weyand is a pediatric hematology oncologist who started #HCWvsHunger in 2020. Dr. Tatiana Prowell is an oncologist specializing in breast cancer who partnered with Dr. Weyand last year to help drive this project.

They are back for #HCWvsHunger for 2021; they join Explore The Space to discuss the incredible growth of this online fundraiser & what they expect this year.

Please join Dr. Weyand and Dr. Prowell on the next #ETSChat as well. Join us on Twitter on Thursday 12/16 at 6pm PST/9pm EST for an incredible interactive discussion.

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