Episode 87 : Gurpreet Dhaliwal, The Sherlock Holmes of Medicine

Featured Guest: Gurpreet Dhaliwal

  • Dec 17, 2018

In our final episode of 2018, we have a proper A-list MD, Dr. Gurpreet Dhaliwal, joining us. He is a master diagnostician who never fails to dazzle an audience with his process for evaluating and solving the most challenging cases. We discuss how he learns and trains, the need to look for “desirable difficulty” and how his mistakes are his most valuable tool.

This is our first Grand Slam episode! All 4 Pillars of Explore The Space are fully engaged in this conversation!

Key Learnings

1. Why Dr. Dhaliwal should be an A-list celebrity in medicine

2. Is Sherlock Holmes the right popular culture comparison for Dr. Dhaliwal?

3. What Dr. Dhaliwal does that gets such a response from an audience

4. How practice and his training program allow him to reach his maximal potential

5. Shifting information from short term memory to long term memory and how to extract it when needed

8. What is the number #1 enemy of learning…

8. The importance of tempo in optimizing his process to provide patient care in a busy environment

9. Extrapolating the skills Dr. Dhaliwal uses into any profession where someone wants to do their work better

10. Diagnostic error and why Dr. Dhaliwal keeps track of each case where he got the diagnosis wrong

11. The value of discussing mistakes and the opportunity we miss in medicine when we don’t do this.

12. Anchoring bias and how it plays into error creation

13. Does he make diagnoses while walking around with the public?


New York Times article by Katie Hafner

The Mechanics of Reasoning

Diagnostic Excellence


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