Episode 88 : Robert Pearl On Fears & Frustrations of American Physicians

Featured Guest: Robert Pearl

  • Jan 08, 2019

Robert Pearl is a physician leader in the United States of the highest order. He is widely published and frequently featured on multiple TV networks. He joins us in our first episode of 2019 to lay out the great challenges facing physicians and patients in America, his incredible passion to drive change, and how we can move the needle in the right direction.

Key Learnings

1. How his personal experiences with the problems of American healthcare led  to the creation of his Forbes article

2. What it feels like to have doctors confessing their fears and frustrations to him in the wake of his book

3. Some of the limitations and barriers physicians deal with when trying to provide great care for patients

4. The passion and optimism that Dr. Pearl brings to the table and where he draws it from

5. The 5 fears doctors confess to other doctors

6. The great sense of loss that physicians have to deal with

7.  Describing the 3 historical eras of medicine as a central dogma

8. Feedback Dr. Pearl has received from people outside of medicine, and how it connects with his own personal experiences

9. What are the key functions and entities needed to drive meaningful change?


Dr. Pearl’s book “Mistreated”

Forbes article: What Doctors Confess To Other Doctors


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