Episode 126 : Caitlin Thompson On New Voices & Gender Bias in Tennis, Healthcare, & Beyond

Featured Guest: Caitlin Thompson

  • Jun 10, 2019

“There’s a lot more listening and amplifying that needs to happen that doesn’t involve a white man’s perspective”

Caitlin Thompson is the creator and publisher of Racquet Magazine and host of Racquet Magazine podcast. She joins us to discuss the parallel path, tennis and healthcare are on around elevating creativity and new voices, resolving ongoing issues with gender bias, and her spectacular viewpoint on what makes a growth mindset. She is an incredible voice for change!

Key Learnings

1. Caitlin’s evolution as an athlete, journalist, publisher, and advocate

2. Finding overlap around bringing people together under one umbrella and elevating something we love

3. The importance of staying on mission and the recognition that operant words are interchangeable

4. A few words about Roger Federer & players who engage with fans and society at a high level

5. The parallel roads professional tennis and healthcare are walking around gender bias, and tennis as microcosm of the challenges faced

6. The importance of Title IX and moving towards gender parity in her publications to find new storytellers and fresh storylines

7. Reflecting on how we are over-indexed for people who look a certain way instead of a proper representation of population

8. The need to get out of our own way and the build-in challenges women face

9.  Gender-based compensation disparities overlapping in tennis and in healthcare

10. Finding the toughness to press past being told “you can’t do this” and defining her growth mindset


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