Episode 127 : Joseph Sakran On “This Is Our Lane” & Gun Violence

Featured Guest: Joseph Sakran

  • Jun 13, 2019

“Each and every one of us, we have a story to tell. Using that narrative to change the hearts and minds of Americans, that’s what will move the needle forward. ”

Joseph Sakran is a gun violence survivor and a Trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins. He helped launched #ThisIsOurLane in November of 2018 and has since been a lightning-bolt advocate around stemming the gun violence epidemic. We talk about driving change, creating an inclusive movement, and changing the narrative around gun violence. An amazing discussion with a vital leader.

Key Learnings

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1. Learning to appreciate the power of his personal story as a driver of change

2. The rise of #ThisIsOurLane and how the issue of gun violence came to the forefront with physicians & healthcare workers

3. Overcoming the unofficial gag rule around physicians discussing gun violence and feeling inspired by this movement

4. Identifying a disparity between the gun lobby and gun owners along with recognizing the importance of word choice.

5. Helping people understand the many different ways they can engage with this issue

6. The introduction of @Dontlookaway to ensure the whole story is told by using images of gunshot wounds on ammunition boxes

7. How to maintain a sustainable tempo in activist work and serving as a “circuit-closer” to grow this movement


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