Episode 102 : @EPICparodyEMR On Electronic Medical Records

Featured Guest: @EPICparodyEMR

  • Mar 15, 2019

Whether you’re in healthcare or seeking healthcare, the electronic medical record will impact your experience. We are joined by the anonymous creator of the viral and hilarious @EPICparodyEMR Twitter account to discuss this brilliant satire, the impact the EMR has on every encounter between provider and patient and the central tension: billing platform vs communication tool

Key Learnings

1.  Just what the heck is going on with this account?

2. Being anti “bad electronic medical record”

3. The shared experience and the data demonstrating how much the EMR pulls doctors and patients apart

4. Connecting the EMR, learned helplessness, and physician burnout

5. Workflow disruption and being at odds with colleagues and patients due to the EMR

6. How it feels to be sent into “duplicate order hell” and being evaluated based upon what goes into an EMR instead of outcomes

7. The fundamental problem with electronic medical records

8. Why this will never become repetitive


Twitter: @EPICparodyEMR

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