Episode 101 : Adam Rodman On Filth Parties, History, & Medicine

Featured Guest: Adam Rodman

  • Mar 12, 2019

Adam Rodman is a Hospitalist, a podcaster, and host of Bedside Rounds. His podcast is the most wonderful journey into the history of medicine, connecting all of us in and out of medicine with our shared past. We talk about creating resonant content, sharing bizarre stories, & how social media allows us to elevate medical history out of the doldrums

Key Learnings

1.  The origin story of Bedside Rounds and the removal of Episode Zero

2. Filth Parties and finding resonance not just through the bizarre, but also through events that inform what we’re doing now

3. The need for medicine to elevate our shared history as something reflective of our shared ethos

4. The American Civil War as a test case for extraordinary, innovative history

5. Battlefield trauma as a direct link, with the minie ball as the connective tissue

6. How Adam moved from sharing interesting anecdotes to using history to elevate his experience in medicine (with a fun Tulane story thrown in)

7. Responses from people who are hospitalized as they learn about the history of medicine in the moment

8. Juxtaposing modern therapies with origin therapies

9. Physician as both historian and storyteller and are we good at these skills?

10. Meeting people where they live to help spread information about healthcare

11. Using social media as a new form of medical communication, mirroring when medical journals began to be published in 20th century


Bedside Rounds: http://bedside-rounds.org

Adam on Twitter: @adamrodmanMD

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