Episode 132 : Jamie Margolin On Youth Climate Summit & Zero Hour

Featured Guest: Jamie Margolin

  • Jul 08, 2019

“My favorite speeches are when I go to places that aren’t receptive to the climate justice message and I can just school them.”

Jamie Margolin is the founder of Zero Hour, creator of the upcoming World Climate Summit, and one of the world’s most important climate activists. She’s also getting ready for her senior year of high school. We discuss how she rose to prominence, the goals of the World Climate Summit, her incredible Teen Vogue article, and her ability to seek out and handle confrontation. An amazing conversation with an exceptional leader.

Key Learnings

1. Seeing natural beauty juxtaposed with clear evidence things are wrong with the environment

2. Sharing a feeling of existential dread

3. Getting some reps in local politics and building off how the 2016 presidential election made her feel

4. How Jamie started with social media and learning to leverage those tools to drive her work

5. Creating a vision for a youth climate march and executing on the vision to create (link) youth climate march

6. The incredible leadership skill set she has developed

7. The goals of the Youth Climate Summit

8. Applying for college and her remarkable Teen Vogue article

9. Her ability and desire to step out of echo chambers and confront people and organizations

10. Dealing with all of this work and still being a high school student


Zero Hour: http://thisiszerohour.org/miami/

The Youth Climate Summit: http://thisiszerohour.org/miami/

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @thisiszerohour, @jamie_margolin

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