Episode 181 : Jeremy Konyndyk On Covid19 Uncertainty

Featured Guest: Jeremy Konyndyk

  • Apr 20, 2020

“We need this response to succeed, & I just don’t see how that happens without effective federal leadership”

Jeremy Konyndyk is a Senior Policy Fellow at the Center for Global Development & a recognized expert on global outbreak preparedness. We discussed the unsettling response to the Covid19 pandemic from the US government thus far, the disruptive impact of magical thinking, & what a fierce sense of urgency looks like.

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Key Learnings

1. Why the current state of #Covid19 governmental response is so confusing

2. “Magical thinking” and its disruptive impact in our governmental response

3. Coming out of the Ebola experience with a fierce sense of urgency around preparedness 9:30 & seeing it all be disregarded in February 2020

4. The 2 critical questions that we should have been asking in January and February: “Could this happen here?” and “are we ready?”

5. What a fierce sense of urgency looks like and what’s missing now regarding response

6. The infuriating nature of the risk-shifting from the federal government to the governors of individual states, especially when juxtaposed against our Ebola response

7. Why targeting the World Health Organization (WHO is misguided and a risky approach, with some brilliant framing of WHO’s role.

8. What gives Jeremy hope right now

9. Some great people to follow


Twitter: @JeremyKonyndyk

Jeremy’s webpage from Center for Global Development

Some of Jeremy’s recommended Twitter follows: @angie_rasmussen, @aetiology, @trvrb, @BethCameron_DC, @RebeccaKatz5, @joshmich, @jenkatesdc, @SaskiaPopescu

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