Episode 129 : Mark Hertling On Character, Resilience, & Leadership

Featured Guest: Mark Hertling

  • Jun 25, 2019

“You can’t lead others until you understand how to lead yourself”

Mark Hertling returns to Explore The Space to discuss leadership through the prisms of character and resilience. His insights from a career as an officer & 3-star General in the US Army and his current work training physician leaders are truly remarkable. We cover character, servant leadership, resilience, and many other essential elements of leadership.

Key Learnings

1. The value of getting reps & being humble, positive and reinforcing when starting out on a new media journey

2. Building new cultures with the inclusion of many different cultures and perspectives to get the best ideas to move forward

3. Defining leadership through an individual’s character and what character means

4. Understanding your own character and when you are ready to lead by harvesting feedback and perceptions from others

5. Being a 22 year old Lieutenant leading a tank platoon, then 40 years later leading US Army-Europe as a 3-Star General and how character drives decision making in either setting

6. Our shared central dogma of decision-making: patient first, team second, individual third, also known as servant leadership

7. The stressors of competing requirements that can push against a central dogma, and how character and self-reflection can help keep someone on tract

8. Some excellent social media usage rules to live by

9. Wherein we tackle the concept of resiliency and the challenge of trying to define the term

10. How resiliency is and is not connected with burnout

11. Why Mark says being a doctor is harder than being a military officer


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