Episode 242 : Shantanu Nundy On Having a Vision

Featured Guest: Shantanu Nundy

  • Aug 20, 2021

“We’ve got to give ourselves permission to have a vision, to dream a little bit”

Dr. Shantanu Nundy is a primary care physician and Chief Medical Officer at Accolade who joins Explore The Space to discuss his new book “Care After Covid”. We dive into why it’s important to have a vision and articulate it, unlocking skill sets around speaking out, and what the future can look like.

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Key Learnings

1. The importance of still being in clinical practice while writing a book like “Care After Covid”

2. Why leaving “Disruption” out of his book was such an important move

3.  How to unlock the skill set around speaking out

4. Giving yourself permission to lay out a vision

5. The moment when healthcare happens

6. What is required to drive a vision

7. The importance of being comfortable calling out solutions

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