Covid19 Contributions On A Professional CV


In collaboration with Women in Medicine, Explore The Space is proud to present the Covid19 Contribution Matrix for your Curriculum Vitae

It is more critical than ever to ensure your CV accurately reflects the work you are doing around this pandemic, be it clinical, advocacy, media, research, education, etc.

Additionally, it is important that your CV captures work or opportunities impacted or lost due to Covid, such as a presentation at a conference that was cancelled.

Your feedback is welcomed, as we will continue to revise and improve this matrix to meet your needs as we move through these extraordinary days together.

Thank you to Dr. Vineet Arora (@FutureDocs), Dr. Shikha Jain (@ShikhaJainMD), Dr. Avital O’Glasser (@aoglasser), & Dr. Charlie Wray (@WrayCharles) for their incredible collaborative energy

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