Episode 110 : Amitha Kalaichandran on Bullying In Medicine

Featured Guest: Amitha Kalaichandran

  • Apr 11, 2019

Amitha Kalaichandran is a physician and a journalist who wrote a provocative and impactful piece in The Boston Globe about bullying in medicine. She joins us to discuss the astounding response to the article, writing as a physician who crosses into the public sphere, and levers to pull to reduce bullying behaviors

Key Learnings

1. Understanding that the article is going to be a big deal

2. The surprising revelations that came her way in the wake of the article & being preparing for those stories

3. A key way that medicine and journalism are similar

4. Pitching the story to the Boston Globe editorial team

5. Writing an article that crosses over into universal readership as opposed to one that goes either behind a paywall or into PubMed hell

6. The impact of low psychological safety in a hospital

7. Does the nature of a hospital setting enable behaviors that are otherwise not tolerated

8. How “hot spots” and malignant sectors of medicine are able to develop wherein bullying can occur

9. The levers to pull to improve a disruptive culture and change bullying behaviors and the power of showing there is a different way

10. Support local journalism!


Amitha’s Boston Globe article on Bullying in Medicine

Twitter: DrAmithaMD

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