Episode 111 : Bret Scher On FOOD!

Featured Guest: Bret Scher

  • Apr 17, 2019

Bret Scher is a Cardiologist, author, and host of Diet Doctor podcast who has found a vital path in helping people understand the complex world of food through conversation and science. He joins us to discuss the importance of food discussion across all demographics, dealing with cravings and cheat days, and developing a sustainable individualized approach to eating that helps optimize health

Key Learnings

1.  Tracking just how frequently people ask doctors about food and how confusing this area has become

2. Going up against the central dogma of the carbohydrate-based food pyramid from when we were kids

3. How Bret moved from feeling disillusioned to motivated as a practicing Cardiologist

4. Identifying the opportunity we now have to better connect patient and provider on a subject of tremendous interest and importance

5. The great breakthroughs that come with inquiring about the foods people like and why they like them

6. The correlation between nutrition and belief and the browbeating and arguments that follow

7. Splurging, cheat days, cravings, and how we can consider and handle them

8. The sustainability of modern nutritional approaches through the development of an individualized approach

9. Reflecting on a very powerful and vivid conversation Bret and I had nearly a decade ago around finding sustainable career paths


Bret’s website: www.lowcarbcardiologist.com

Bret’s Twitter: @bschermd

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