Episode 173 : Caitlin Thompson On Climate Change & Pro Tennis

Featured Guest: Caitlin Thompson

  • Mar 03, 2020

“You’re gonna have to be fearless”

Caitlin Thompson is back! She is the co-founder of the splendid Racquet Magazine. More than that, she is an emerging leader and powerful social commentator. We discuss how industries like healthcare and professional tennis have opportunities to address climate change and what happens when they do. Hot takes abound!

Here’s Caitlin’s previous appearance on Explore The Space Podcast episode 126

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Key Learnings

1. Acknowledging how our industries are drivers of climate change

2. What transpired at the Australian Open and how it helped shape Caitlin’s view of the impact of climate change

3. Why Caitlin is disappointed in the approach taken by professional tennis around climate change to date.

4. How does eco-anxiety drive inertia?

5. Identifying areas where tennis is innovating and taking action around climate change

6. What happens if Roger Federer breaks from a sponsor because of climate change and fossil fuels?

7. The parallels between tennis players and doctors finding their voice

8. Some premium tennis talk with a brilliant mind for the sport we love


Twitter @caitlin_thomps

Racquet Magazine: https://racquetmag.com

Racquet Podcast episode w/ Nicole Gibbs

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