Episode 236 : Sasha Berleman On Living With Fire

Featured Guest: Sasha Berlemon

  • Jun 25, 2021

“Just existing in this part of the world means needing to know how to live with fire”

Dr. Sasha Berleman is the Director of the Fire Forward Program at Audubon Canyon Ranch, a program that is leading change in the way we live with fire in Northern California. With her team, Dr. Berleman plans and organizes cooperative prescribed burns and trains and leads communities in fire management. As we approach yet another wildfire season, Dr. Berleman shares her incredible insight and expertise. This is an important listen.

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Key Learnings

1. Assessing wildfire anxiety and how it manifests as people wanting to learn more about wildfire

2. The evolution of the public’s understanding of wildland fire science and prescribed fire

3. What does “living with fire” mean?

4. A realistic expectation for being able to keep wildfires out of developed areas and why it is so difficult

5. The role of land stewardship and individual engagement

6. The importance of legislative change to allow more controlled burns to reduce fuel loads

7. Key points that Dr. Berleman gives to those who show up wanting to level up

8. How we perceive our region now

9. What are Dr. Berleman’s “asks”?

10. Understanding the analogy “dancing with fire”

11. Learning about Fire Forward



Fire Forward

Good Fire Alliance

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